New Micro-Site Tool & Template

New Microsite

New Microsite

Designed a new micro site tool with Joomla as the back end for the Hawaii Convention Center. A co-worker and I had to spend hours making this thing IE6 compatible. Hey Microsoft, when are you going to stop supporting such a crappy, non-standard browser?

Cool thing about this new tool I coded and implemented for the Hawaii Convention Center through Digital Mediums is that a website, with 8 language support, Google Analytics, hex color template change, and a bunch more goodies can be installed, implemented and ready to go in about 45 seconds. We wrote a little tool that will give them the ability to create multiple sites in about the same amount of time and allow them to shoose from a specific template or from a previously configured one. All in all, this will save a ton of time on our end == more profit.

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