WordPress XML-RPC, Flash AS3 Example

Doing a project for a customer that want flash with WordPress and I had trouble finding some specific files on what needed to be done. Found a great class for Actionscript 2.0 here: (http://xmlrpcflash.mattism.com/) and a Actionscript 3.0 library here (http://danielmclaren.net/2007/08/03/xmlrpc-for-actionscript-30-free-library/). It gave a very basic example of how to make a WordPress call, so I took it a little further and created some methods with all the parameters needed to do a wp.getPages call & return. Anyhow, click here or on the image to download the zip file of the example.

on Dec. 2, 2010 by JJ In: Actionscript 2.0, Actionscript 3.0, WordPress, XML

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