Smooth Jazz Concert Site & Flyers

Working with HL Entertainment for their upcoming Smooth Jazz concert. It’s been a great project for a great cause. If you happen to live in the southern California area, check out the concert. They have great bands coming and a venue that is ready to handle the talent. Check it out and buy your tickets online at

September 16, 2010
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Selix Formalwear Official Release

We have finally released the Selix Formalwear website. Taking on methods and processes that no one else has done was at times tough, but we were able to pull it all together with fantastic results. The site has a mobile theme in place for the smart phone users, flash in place to creatively view their extensive product line and made available the complete line through standard viewing. Complete social integration and so much more. In the Bay area and need a tux, this is a must checkout. The company is fantastic, people are great and the family ownership rocks!

May 21, 2010
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Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo`ole

I was reminded today about this project I did four years ago. Built my own Flash video player, with scrubber, all form a XML file that controls it all. Not bad IMHO, but I know I could do so much better with Actionscript 3 or dare I say it, HTML5.   Click here to view it

April 29, 2010
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Phyxius Golf Website

Phyxius Site

Officially released today! This site has some front-end flash done with Magento running the back end with a custom built template. For those who haven’t tried Magento yet and you’re still using OSCommerce or some other open source, php-based commerce app, STOP NOW! Magento, although still needs some work in some places, is great and the community is abundant and super helpful.

Anyhow, check it out here.

May 15, 2009
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Started working on a new project from a great company in Seattle and within 3 days was able to get the concept up with the core od as classes written. This is a work in progress and I will enjoy developing this website.

February 24, 2009
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Diagnostic Laboratory

Diagnostic Laboratory Systems team was a joy to work with and providing them with a a solution that not only looked nice, but functioned greatly. Working with a large company as they are, it was important that we satisfy all the departments with a solution to their needs. With this site, this was definitely done. Take a look and let me know what you think.

December 23, 2008
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Atlantis Adventures Almost There


Chris and I are getting close on finishing the site. I’ll be working on the home page flash piece soon and Chris has been punching the CSS stuf heavy and hard. This is by far the best Joomla template we’ve done yet and it’s really only our 4th one. Not bad if I say so myself. Gonna implenet AMFPHP for this one soon and see what kinda kewl dynamic flash I can execute inside of the Joomla framework. Should be fun and great to learn something new.

December 22, 2008
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Blast from the past

Rita Wong Realty

Rita Wong Realty

Hahaha…This was the first php site I did in 1999. Can’t believe she’s still using it! She called me today to update her site, but when I told her what my prices are now I think she must have fainted. 🙂  Not as cheap as I use to be.

April 7, 2008
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Quick Site for my Church



Did a fast website for my church, laying down what we hope to be a good foundation for technology and spreasing the gospel to the 4 corners of the planet. Intergrated the FellowshipOne components, which took more effort than I thought it would and with less results than I was expecting.

Also, Integrated, although I may just get WordPress in place later. Hopefully I’ll get the time to really flash the site out, but at least I implemented my CMS so they can easily update the website.

June 30, 2007
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