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So I’ve finally got some ground work laid out for my flash based eCommerce solution. I’m having fun with the admin portion of it. I added post it notes for the user to leave notes to themselves and had it throw into a table the x/y cord’s of each item. Also created the ability to quickly add a new note and zoom the individual post it notes with a double click. Not a highly functional piece, but a real fun one from a user perspective. I created the user interface to include a menu selection with what I hope to have is a full eLearning video tutorial section. As I write this, I now need to re-code it all in Actionscript 3.0, so I might OpenSource this thing at some point.

Check it out if you want. I’ve stripped out most of the functionality to create a demo site, but you are welcome to take any of the ideas I had from the site. You can get a good idea as to how it works:  http://jjborja.com/phyxius/admin/

Username: “demo”(minus quotes)

Password: “demo” (minus quotes)

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